Rules of Lesoryb axe throwing

Dear visitors, since axe throwing is new to Russia, we decided to help you to get around and made up a set of rules, which will provide safety to you and your friends, as well as other club visitors. If you plan to throw axes, play darts or other games in our club, we ask you to check out our rules prior to arrival to save time.Full set of rules is available here.

General rules


We ask all the visitors to take an ID with them. It will be needed for registration. An example of registration form can be found here.

Age restrictions

We allow children from age of 12 to 16 only in presence of adults. Children from 16 to 18 are allowed only after presenting a written permission from their parent (legal representative).

Dress code - closed shoes

We allow our visitors to play in the arenas only in closed shoes. It means that we do not allow to play darts or throw axes in flip flops, sandals, slippers, sabo, etc. Besides we do not recommend to wear clothes which prevent free movement. Our instructor may ask you to take off clothes which may pose danger during your play.

Axes are only ours

We permit only our axes, darts and targets in our club. We are asking not to bring your own axe, knife or darts.

Alcohol and smoking

We do not allow visitos with alcohol or drug intoxication. Our administrator and instructor have the right to deny you of service, if the deem that you are intoxicated. We do this only for you own safety and safety of other players.

We do not allow smoking and drinking liquor in our club. When in club, we strongly urge you to consume light alcohol moderately and only after hearing all the safety procedures. We have the right to deny you sale of light alocohol drinks if we deem that it may not be safe. Those who plays axe throwing, darts or blowpipe are allowed only 0.5l of light alcohol drinks per hour in our club.

Smoking and vaping inside the club is prohibited.

You can bring your own food and beverages

Lesoryb axe throwing allows to bring your own food with you. We do not have a kitchen, and we know that axe throwing is a tiresome business. So we welcome guests with their own food and drinks, or when they order catering or food delivery. We only ask you to leave clean tables after yourself.

Polite behaviour

We are sure that our visitors are polite, that's why we expect that our visitors:

  • will follow all the rules set up by the club regarding sportsmanship, inventory and game zones;
  • will behave decently, will not insult other visitors and personnel;
  • will behave safely towards themselves, other visitors and personnel.
If we mistakenly trust our guests and someone breaks the rules, the personnel (adminstrator, axepert or a cat in charge) has the right to suspend our clients from further play. Money are not refunded.In case of repeatedly breaking the rules, we have the right to ban from visiting our venue again.

Safe behaviour in gaming zones


Our axepert instructs visitors about safety measures, controls the state of equipment. The axes must be sharp enough to stick into the targets, but not so sharp as to cut a person. Axeperts serve as judges during the games, show players how to safely throw the axes, have fun and tell rules of the games and challenges. In terms of safety axepert is the most important person, we expect that our visitors respect it. Axepert has the right to suspend players in case they break the rules of the club.

What is axe throwing?

Axes are to be thrown at targets only. The targets are grouped by 2 into arenas. Targets are divided from each other by safety metal nets.

Players are allowed to throw axes only after safety and throwing technique instructions.

Two persons + instructor are allowed in the arena at once.

Axes and throwing

Axes are allowed only in arenas. You should not carry them outside arenas during gameplay

For your comfort we suggest that players throw simultaneously, e.g. by countdown.

You should take the axe only by the handle.

You can throw axes only there is none beside the neighbouring targets.

You can throw axes only when an axepert is in the gaming area.

You can take the dart or the axe from the target only after yourpartner has thrown his own axe or dart.

If an axe or a dart hit the target, you should first take it out. You should not sit by the target, pick anything in front of it, if there is an axe or a dart in it.