Cookies policy

If you continue to use this website, you agree with the current policy and permit website administration to use cookie-files according to the current policy.

A cookie-file is a small piece of information, stored on your PC, tablet, phone or other device you use to visit this website. This file is used by the web-server to identify users and track web-browsers.

Lesoryb axe throwing website puts cookie-files for:

  • gathering information about a user with the use of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika;
  • identify users entering private part of the website;
  • AdWords service to track clicks and for targeting;
  • to analyze website visits.

Google Analytics generate statistical and other information about web-site usage with the help of cookie-files stored in users' devices. The information generated from our website is used to make reports about its usage. Cookie-files generated by Google Analytics are doing the following:

  • define the tracked domain;
  • unique users recognition;
  • store information about number and duration of previous visits;
  • store information about source of traffic;
  • start and end of session;
  • store user variables per user.
Google stores and uses such information for a period from 30 minutes to 2 years, depending on type of a cookie-file. Google's privacy policy is available here:

Majority of the websites are set up to automatically accept cookie files. You can change these settings to block cookie usage or get warnings, when such files are sent to your device. There are several ways to control cookie files. Please check out your browser documentation to know more about how to change cookie settings.