Игры и метание топора

So, you have mastered hitting a target with an axe. What next? Now the most interesting part begins. You can compete with your friends, other players or instructors. Or you may fulfil a club challenge of your choice. We will tell you the rules of the games for axe throwing in our arenas.

Classic game

1 out of 5 difficulty

Вам и вашему сопернику дается по 10 бросков. За попадание в мишень вы набираете очки от 1 до 5. Каждый 5-й бросок вы имеете право заявить "килшот" (killshot) и при попадании в одну из двух синих областей мишени вы получаете 7 очков. Падение топора или промах мимо синей цели - ноль очков.


1 out of 5 difficulty

Your aim is to get 25 points for less shots, faster than your rival. It's easy, you've already hitting the target, right?


2 out of 5 difficulty

Наберите 50 очков за наименьшее количество бросков. По сравнению с игрой в "25" - это игра на выносливость.


4 out of 5 difficulty

Your aim is to get 75 points faster than your rival. This game is for real axe throwing pros. When you manage to get 75 points, try to get 81 by hitting the killshots every 5th throw.


3 out of 5 difficulty

It's the same as card-game Blackjack. You need to hit only 1, 3, 5 or 7 (killshot). Score 21 point with up to 20 throws. But remember - if your axe falls down you get penalty of minus 4 points. If you get more than 21 point - you loose.

Around the world

5 out of 5 difficulty

The most hardcore game of all. You need to hit 6 blue zones faster than your rival.