Топор-клуб "Лесоруб"

We are the first so far the only exclusive axe throwing club in Russia.We see our mission in staving into splinters traditional rest and relaxation models in Russia.We want people to meet, talk and have fun time together more often.We give what people saw only from TV screen or on Internet. People come to us with their fears, disbeleiefs, puzzled and sressed, and leave enthusiastic, active and striving to live.

Схема клуба

Красивая картинка

Our axe throwing club Lesoryb is divded into 2 zones - reception/relaxtion zone and gaming zone.Our administrator will accomodate you, and if you are tired after throwing axes you can relax in a cosy sofa.

There are 6 targets in the gaming zone equipped with a safety metal nets. Targets are grouped by 2 and are called arenas. As a tribute to one of the best fantasy series of all times - Game of Thrones - we named this year our arenas in honour of the most prominent families of Westeros - Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens.

There is a darts and blow pipe area in the gaming zone as well as armory and space for guests and visitors.