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Zvenigorodskoye highway 4, Moscow

1905 goda Station, Elektronika na Presne Trade center

D2-D8 pavilion, green line

Открыты: среда - воскресенье

12:00 - 21:00


Стоимость метания топоров в топор-клубе "Лесоруб" зависит от времени и дня недели.
Price per 1 hour for one player. One target can accomodate up to 4 players.

Wed-Thu Fri-Sun
12:00 - 17:00 550₽ 650₽
17:00 - 21:00 750₽ 850₽

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Welcome to axe throwing Lumberjack

Топор-клуб - это новое место для отличного отдыха прямо в центре города. У нас вы можете метать топоры в цель как настоящий Чингачгук, викинг или древнерусский богатырь, смотря кто вам больше нравится. Также обязательно попробуйте духовую трубку, традиционную для некоторых народов Африки, Полинезии и Южной Америки. Кроме того у нас вы можете поиграть в дартс или попробовать распилить бревно на скорость. Приходите к нам с друзьями, чтобы весело провести время.

What is axe throwing?

Maybe you've never heard of axe throwing. We will show what it is and will let you try.

First question which comes to your mind is probably: Is it safe? Well, yes! If you follow several simple safety rules,axe throwing is not only safe, but also extremely funny way to spend your evening.

Get instructed

Before a gaming session, our axepert/instructor will show you safety rules and teach you how to throw axes.

Follow safety rules

Мы разработали ряд правил соблюдение которых, обеспечит безопасность и комфорт для Вас и других посетителей топор-клуба Лесоруб. All rules

Have fun

Lesoryb axe throwing is primarily a place for entertainment. Even though axe throwing is getting more popular around the world as a sport, we see it as a way to have fun and get relaxed.

3 Gaming arenas
6 Targets
5 Types of axes
12 Mini-games and challenges

You must try it out!

Axe throwing is a new level of entertainment.


Throwing axe at Lesoryb is absolutely safe. We provide separate arenas for 2 players. They are made of metal fence and protect players, instructors and other visitors. Our instructors - or axeperts - will teach you how to throw axes safely.


You can just throw axes at the target, compete with your friends and other players, take part in club tournaments and win rewards for accuracy, speed and persistency.


Compete with all the club's visitors, play mini-games and challenges, get gifts and presents.


Come with your friends, try a lumberjack craft - cut a log with a two-handed saw.

Short rules

We have set up some simple rules to allow all the visitors to flee safe and comfortable in our club. Before entering the game zone we shall ask all the players to sign a weaver. Please note, that if you do not comply with the rules we have the right to deny you of service and ask you to leave the club. Here is a short version of the rule.

Full rules of Lesoryb axe throwing

Take you ID with you

We shall ask you to sign a weaver before you go to the gaming zone. It will state that you've check the rules of the club, will listed to the safety policy from axepert. You shall need your ID for it. Do not foget it!

You should show up sober

Only sober visitors are allowed in our club. If you already had some alcohol today, our administrator will have the right to deny you access to gaming zone. Maybe in future we shall change our alcohol policies.

Only closed shoes are allowed

For your safety we ask you to come in close-toe shoes. We welcome shoes, high boots, jackboots, ankle boots, but do not allow to throw axes in flip-flops, sandals or slippers.

We do not allow your own axes

Since an axe is a domestic appliance we can understand if you have one in your clutch. But we do not allow visitors bring their own axes, saws, drills, etc. Cold weapons and fireguns are not allowed as well.

BYOF - bring your own food

Axe throwing is not only fun, but also tiresome. We do not have a kitched to feed you. So you are welcome to bring your own food, or order food delivery right to our place. The only thing we ask: please keep clean.

Be polite and follow axepert's instructions

Axe throwing and log cutting are competitive types of entertainment. There will be other people playing around you, who will want to have some good time. So our main rule is being polite to other players in the club.

Come and check them for yourselves if you don't belive it.


Very cool experiment!!! Everything is so positive, absolutely safe and full of adrenaline. I shall come again, many times :-)


Guys, this is so cool! I was passing by and notices the Lumberjack, decided to stop by and did not regret it! I'll come here again!!!


Great way to relief stress. Amazing atmosphere, even just to spend some time with friends.

Helen 02.06.2019

I wish you development, growth, success!

Batyr 01.06.2019


A well known game. Book a lane and play darts with your friends and colleagues.A professional 2-layered target with darts with allow you to feel yourself real darts pro.

350₽ / hour per 1 person


Professional blowpipe lets you fire with aluminum or stunning dart from 3 to 10 meters distance. Try to hit a common target, or an apple, or an apricot.

300₽ / hour

Time-cutting a log with a two handed saw

If you are bored or tired of axe throwing, but still have some strength, you can take a friend of yours and a two-handed saw. Try to cut a log as fast as you can. Break a club record or make the deepest cut per minute.

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How to find us

Our address is: Zvenigorodskoye highway, 4, Moscow

We are located near 1905 goda subway station, in Elektronika na Presne Trade Center.

Green line, pavilion D2-D8

1. Central entrance from Zvenigorodskoye highway, follow blue line on the floor, until you see a turn towards a green line.

2. Turn right to the green line and you'll see our glass doors.

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